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Designed to meet today’s demands.

revolutionary ‘Multi-Benefit Smart Drink’

IMPAQT EDGE is comprised of key nutrients that operate on a cellular level throughout the entire body, especially in the brain.

The magic in IMPAQT EDGE lies in a team of key ingredients including a vegetable-based DHA (Omega 3 oil), Myo-Inositol, Ferulic Acid, Zinc and Beet Extract.

Together, they can make an incredible impact on a myriad of functions in the brain and body.

Built to Perform.

  • Focus & concentration support*
  • Mood booster*
  • Improved cognitive function*
  • Improved confidence*
  • Improved social interaction*
  • Brain balance*

Turbo-charge Your Body


Powerful antioxidant protects against free radical damage.*
Helps safeguard the brain, heart and body’s cells.*


Proven fatty acid for cellular health.*
Critical for proper brain/cognitive function.*
Supports wide range of body systems.*


Supports hair and skin health.*
Promotes healthy function of the immune system.*
Involved in critical enzymatic transformations.*


Supports gastro-digestive health.*
Delivers powerful antioxidant support.*


Powerful antioxidant.*
Protects against free radical damage.*
Helps safeguard brain, heart & body.*
Combats inflammation.*

We All Want the Edge.

The cells in your body are intelligently designed to thrive.

While the ingredients play a key role in IMPAQT EDGE, the real secret is the proprietary science behind the Molecular Activation Technology (MAT).

This technology allows these key ingredients, once fully activated, to begin working a cellular level within only a few minutes after taking the product.

IMPAQT EDGE is designed to deliver the building blocks your cells need to function and communicate optimally. This can benefit every organ and function found within your body!

Cells with intelligence have power. Powerful cells optimize your body. An optimal body gives you the EDGE.